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BT Professional Pool Table

BT Professional Pool Table

When you buy a pool table you’ll want responsive cushions, proper pocket shape and size and for the ball to run true. If you don’t get that you’ll end up not enjoying the game, disappointed, and find it hard to get a good price if you try to sell it. We make sure every table from the cheapest to the most expensive meets all the specifications and expectations of our customers. Its not always about price, its about meeting your needs whether your a pro or new to the game. We have many shapes, BT Professional Ball Return 600colours and sizes to meet nearly every desire. Look through our web pages and soon there will be nearly 100 pool tables to view, plus many parts and accessories for billiard tables. We supply pool tables to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the whole of South East Queensland and Northern NSW. We have also sold many tables to Sydney and Newcastle. This was formerly known as Mike Heron Billiards.


We pride ourselves on the strength and durability of our pool tables. Many people do not realise how much is involved in building a pool table. The pockets need to be a certain size and shape, the bounce off the cushions needs to be strong and long lasting, only a few makes of pool table meet this criteria. The slate needs to be well supported as unsupported slate can lead to rolls and broken slates in transit.Every aspect of a pool table’s construction is considered by us to give your a premium product that will last for many many years. 

Titan Pool Table

Titan Pool Table – Great to play – Built to last – Quality throughout

 Titan pool table like all of our tables has a precision frame. Most people don’t know what this means. Its a design that fully supports the slate with strong timbers with no gaps between the slate and timber. Most pool tables do not have this design because it involves more time spent on construction, and since most people don’t know about this our competitors are unwilling to spend the extra time and energy on building the frame properly. Unless the slate is fully supported is can break more easily and can warp so the ball will not run true over the whole table. If you want a good pool table in every respect you need to buy one of our tables.