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 BT Professional Ball Return Pool Table  The Heron Ball Return pool table is made to be quiet and reliable. Exceptional ball play. With its lomg life tough finish this is an outstanding quality pool table
 BT Professional Ball Return Square look

 Our ball return tables come in different styles to suit iindividual needs


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All enquiries to 0400 99 77 69   Brisbane's best pool tables are right here. We some of the worlds best pool and snooker tables. We make standard designs and custom built pool tables to suit most people. Our pool and snooker tables have outstanding unique features for playing and long life. Leading the way is our Professional Cap which greatly extends the life of the bounce and pockets. These pool tables are also very beautiful with our special marine grade finish leaving everyone else behind. We also always have perfect levelling on almost any floor and the cost of maintenance is greatly reduced. There lots of reasons to look carefully at our tables and you will see that they give outstanding value and pleasure to their new owners. We make both standard type and custom pool tables, billiard tables and snooker tables. We also have many colours you can choose from Click on any of the pictures below to see more pictures and variations of that model or we can modify it to suit your needs. Every pool table, biiliard table or snooker table is made to suit Australian conditions. Our strong precision frame coupled with the world's best Italian slate is made to play straight and true. In fact we guarantee just that. We use the best English cloth and our advanced designs ensure better ball play and reduced maintenance costs in the future. Most of all we make the pool tables to give the players the best possible game and to be a beautiful piece of furniture.

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 BT Professional Ball Return BT Professional ball return tables feature strong construction, quiet play and virtually no maintenace. As well as this the play is fantastic especially for experienced players. Its sophisticated streamlined look compliments almost any decor. We have a range of designs and many different colour combinations. Shortly we will be showing more on the following page. Just click to see more pictures and bookmark this page to see future updates

 BT Deluxe Pool Table
BT Deluxe Slate Pool Table


BT Deluxe Slate pool table is a very popular pool table with great playing features. It has Professional cap for longer lasting bounce and better ball play, Precision frame for perfect levelling and Italian Slate with English cloth and scratch resistant finish Used in many Qld Eight Association competitions, its low price makes it ideal for most families.

We usually custom build this pool table to your cloth and timber colours. There are many different colours available.

 BT Deluxe Slate Pool Table
BT Deluxe Upgrade Pool Table

 BT Deluxe Upgrade adds larger legs and more detail to our most popular pool table. Precision frame for perfect levelling every time, Italian slate (The World's Best), top quality English Cloth and our sensational professional cap. Best table we've ever played on is repeated again and again by family and friends of our customers. This is a lower cost table, but with care it will last just as long as the best


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 BT Prossional Pool Table
BT Professional Pool Table

 BT Professional with professional grain filled hardwood cap for better ball play and longer lasting bounce. English cloth and Italian slate make this a superb billiard table to play and sleek good looks. This pool table is built to last with precision frame always plays true, A shine that will last 10-15 years and won't chip of with normal use. This is an exceptional value pool table

Pool Table Titan Special Upgrade

 Titan Clasic Upgrade is a tradition pool table with hard wood cushion rails and precision frame. It has English cloth and Itailian slate. It has good long lasting bounce and always plays true. If you want a billiard table that has a million dollar look, then this might be for you.

 Custom Square Billiard Table

Square Leg and Custom built billiard table has a special cushion assembly and deep frame. We can make this table in many variations and colour schemes. It has Italian Slate, English cloth, precision frame for true play and hi-tech scratch resistant finsh. See also BT Deluxe Square below.


 Pool table - Poo; Champ Special
Pool Champ Special Pool Table

 Pool Champ Special with Tradional Cushion assembly
Hardwood Rails and precision hardwood frame, grain filled for better finish with scratch resistant marine grade 2 pac Polyurethane, The best finish possible. English cloth and Italian slate. Marine glue and screw construction. This just plays and looks better then any other pool or snooker table


Please note to view our pool tables you need to call us first   0400 99 77 69 as we are open a lot of the time, but not all of the time